Monday, October 27, 2008

Dallas Shower - given by Tiffany Brooks, Allison Byers, Kristy Erwin, and Stephanie Hall

Thanks to all my wonderful friends who came to my shower! It was so much fun!!

34 Weeks Pregnant and my mom's business, Teacup Traditions

Here are a couple pics from when I was 34 weeks pregnant and at my mom's show in Fort Worth. Her business is called Teacup Traditions and was at Christmas in Cowtown! CUTE!!

Is my dad not the cutest thing in his apron?!?! What a cute Lar-Bear (grandpa name)!

Me at 34 weeks!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Glad that you were born...

This song is from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers....this is my lullaby for Adalyn.

Through your eyes skies look brighter
Grass more green clouds are whiter.
When you're close cares grow lighter,
I'm glad that you were born.
Through your eyes hills stretch higher.
When you smile you inspire hearts to sing in a choir.
I'm glad that you were born.
Born to laugh, born to dream
Born to spread your light.
Through your eyes I see clearer
You bring God so much nearer.
Life has grown so much dearer,
I'm glad that you were born...

Work Shower 10-06-08

I need to post pics from my other two showers as well, the one my friends threw for me and the one my mom's friends had for me. I will get these pics soon and post.

By the way, I hate these pics! I feel like I look gigantic!

Chowing down at the shower.....Nikki will love this one!

My Boss enlisted the other District Managers to go in together to get our travel system stroller!! I am sooooooooooo thankful!!!!

These are my sweet friends from the Retail side of the office!

Cute little Polo outfit!

More of the ladies from work! All the guys chickened out!

This is the baby RREEF onesie that all expecting moms get.....cute that mine is in pink!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's official.......

Everyone, we would like to announce that we have finally named our baby girl........

Adalyn Love Reneau