Thursday, October 8, 2009

Adalyn Love, 10-11 months

Hey everyone! Long time, right!? We have been on the go-go-go! We took a trip to Tennessee in September to see my family and take in the scenery! We got a few pics of Adalyn from that trip and I will post them below. We had to take Adalyn to the doctor last week because she was running 102 fever. That was no fun. After less than 48 hours, the fever went away! At the doc, they weighed her and she was a WHOPPING 18lbs 6 oz! She's huge! : ) She began crawling around 10 1/2 months, and is now going from room to room to room to room....hopefully, I can finally lose the rest of my baby weight from chasing her! She is now trying to say uh-oh and dances with every song that comes on in her presence. I will try and get a video of that soon to post! She can show us that she is 1, well, she will be in three weeks! We are having a baby costume party on Halloween! HOW FUN! She still thinks her Lolee is stinkin hilarious and we love it! I am making this short because I will be posting more after her 1st birthday!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

9 1/2 months stats and pics!!

Adalyn Love went to the doc last Friday for her 9 month check up....Stats are listed below:

Weight: 17lbs 12oz (25-30%)
Length: 26 inches (5%)

She is little and we love it!! She has come so far in the last couple months. She is eating all baby foods (level 2 and 3), puffs, tiny pieces of cheese, yogurt, and I am about to start giving her tiny pieces of green beans! Just this week she finally got the hang of drinking from a sippy cup. She is still on the bottle when drinking milk but she drinks ice water from the sippy cup with her food. She still occasionally says ba ba and da da but now she is saying "WOW" a lot more. I realized that I say WOW all the did she pick it up from me? Or is it just easy to say?! We are working on "uh-oh." She adores all of her grandparents, Grammy, PawPaw, Lolee and Larbear! Lolee and Larbear call themselves, "grandparents in the box." They live in Beaumont so we try to skype them once a week! Ady is not crawling forward, but pushes backwards. She mostly gets around on her hiney. She will be in one spot and we look again, and she is half way across the floor, still in sitting position. Although not crawling, I am working with her and will put her in the crawling position, up on her knees....she walks herself with her hands back up into the sitting position. I guess that's her favorite! We are traveling to TN in two weeks to see her great aunt, great uncle, and grandma great! She can't wait for the 6 hour and 8 hour car rides! Ugh! Oh yeah, I started a new job, working much closer to home, less hours, and only 4 days a week. So, she and I get to spend much more time together! And it's at Keystone Church!! I love it!! Now what you really want to see is pictures!!!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Adalyn Love, 9 months

I know it's been a really long time.......but Adalyn is now 9 months old! WOW! Can't believe this! I will post more pics and some stats later, but I wanted to show everyone this video. This is at The Twisted Root and she is laughing at her Lolee (grandma)! SO CUTE!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Adalyn Love, 7 months

Adalyn Love had her 7 month (6 month) checkup on Friday! Here are the stats!!

weight...16lbs 4oz 30%
length....24 3/4 inches 5%

The nurse practitioner loved her chubby thighs..I think Adalyn appreciated that. ha! Ady seemed to do much better with the female nurse than with her male doctor. Lately, we have noticed that any man with a deep voice scares her!! Sorry Shaun and Justin! She is still not eating a ton of solids, but the nurse thinks she will come around to them in the next month or so. The nurse wants us to give her meat before her next appointment....EEK! MEAT?!!? Baby food meats look terrible! Ady is really enjoying her toys more...she likes to sit up with all of them displayed in front of her....she also thinks the dogs are toys too! I haven't decided who likes playing with the toys more....Ady or her Daddy?! Notice the pics below?!

Her first tooth is still working it's way up! It's out, just not all the way up! Not much to blog about right now...but here are her most recent pics!

We love you little Love!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lots of events to blog about....but mostly just pictures!

Adalyn Love is now 6 1/2 months! I think it's funny when we go out and people say "oh, she's big for 6 months!" It's funny to me because she came home at 4 lbs 11 oz....smallest baby I have ever held! She is doing great! What's new??! Hmmm....well, we love our sitter! Have I mentioned that?! She is such an answer to prayer! Adalyn loves her too! Ady is sitting up pretty well...we still have to be there to monitor as she will fall side to side or back eventually. She definitely notices bottles now and reaches for them and draws them to her mouth! If I can ever get her to eat solids, she likes all veggies and bananas so far! I can't get her to eat cereal, and she's really not eating much of the other stuff! She still prefers the "ba ba" Our sitter is working on getting her to say "B" words because Adalyn is always making "B" sounds with her mouth! She still is not rolling a ton, but I have seen her do it twice from her back to her tummy! She is much more into toys than she used to fact, right now, she is sitting in her dad's lap, and together, they are playing with all the new toys. Good thing for Adalyn, I think her dad is just as much into them! HAVE I TOLD ANYONE SHE HAS HER FIRST TOOTH?!?!? Pretty sure I called, texted and facebooked about it right when I found it! ha ha! It's still just a little sliver but it's sharp! We found her tooth on Mother's Day! There are a couple of pics below from Mother's Day! The others are from Bath time, Grammy's Birthday and Main Street Days in Grapevine. We went with our awesome friends, Ben, Holly, and Reid! Reid and Adalyn both did GREAT!! Enjoy these pics!

Friday, April 24, 2009

So Blessed....

I have been keeping up with Stellan on He was born on the same day as my Ady Love and has a heart condition. All of this hits so close to home. My sister died from a heart condition when she was 4. I have seen what my mom has had to go through with a sick child and I can sympathize with McKmama (Stellan's mommy). I read on her blog and twitter every day, waiting for updates on his condition. It goes in and out of being good and bad.....I have never prayed so much in my life or cried so much for someone that I don't know. I have even been depressed over this.... Josiah has been concerned that reading this blog is taking away my joy for my own child....and with that, I have to say "I am SO BLESSED! Thank you Lord for your many blessings."

I do have to say that yesterday I was thinking about Stellan and reading more of his blog. Yesterday was hard! He is in a hospital bed, asleep most of the time, and he is witnessing to more people than I am. I am awake and can leave my house whenever I want and I am around non-believers all the time!!! I should be doing everything I can to win people over to the Kingdom! "Lord, I want to be bold! I want to focus my mind and my heart on You! Draw me close."

Here are a few cute pics of my Amazing Blessing!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Prayers for Stellan

PLEASE PRAY! Born on the same day as my Ady Love!