Tuesday, May 20, 2008

All Things New

If you can't read the results of the test we are holding, then let me tell you. It's positive!! That's right!! Josiah and I are going to be parents. I am due November 17, right before Thanksgiving. Every year we are very thankful to the Lord for His many blessings, but I think this year will be even more special! Although this is a very exciting time for us, we need all of your prayers as we will not know what the heck we are doing! Ha! Imagine, the Lord putting us in charge of a human being, a human soul..... Josiah and I want everyone to know that we became Christ followers when were kids. We both have our parents to thank for sharing the "TRUTH" with us through their prayers and conversations with us, and most importantly, by their example. Please pray with us that this child will learn, believe, and except this "TRUTH." Pray that we will be that same light to them as our parents were for us. I will post more later and some pics of my ever growing body, yes, my body, it's not just my belly..... That's all folks!