Monday, May 18, 2009

Lots of events to blog about....but mostly just pictures!

Adalyn Love is now 6 1/2 months! I think it's funny when we go out and people say "oh, she's big for 6 months!" It's funny to me because she came home at 4 lbs 11 oz....smallest baby I have ever held! She is doing great! What's new??! Hmmm....well, we love our sitter! Have I mentioned that?! She is such an answer to prayer! Adalyn loves her too! Ady is sitting up pretty well...we still have to be there to monitor as she will fall side to side or back eventually. She definitely notices bottles now and reaches for them and draws them to her mouth! If I can ever get her to eat solids, she likes all veggies and bananas so far! I can't get her to eat cereal, and she's really not eating much of the other stuff! She still prefers the "ba ba" Our sitter is working on getting her to say "B" words because Adalyn is always making "B" sounds with her mouth! She still is not rolling a ton, but I have seen her do it twice from her back to her tummy! She is much more into toys than she used to fact, right now, she is sitting in her dad's lap, and together, they are playing with all the new toys. Good thing for Adalyn, I think her dad is just as much into them! HAVE I TOLD ANYONE SHE HAS HER FIRST TOOTH?!?!? Pretty sure I called, texted and facebooked about it right when I found it! ha ha! It's still just a little sliver but it's sharp! We found her tooth on Mother's Day! There are a couple of pics below from Mother's Day! The others are from Bath time, Grammy's Birthday and Main Street Days in Grapevine. We went with our awesome friends, Ben, Holly, and Reid! Reid and Adalyn both did GREAT!! Enjoy these pics!