Thursday, October 8, 2009

Adalyn Love, 10-11 months

Hey everyone! Long time, right!? We have been on the go-go-go! We took a trip to Tennessee in September to see my family and take in the scenery! We got a few pics of Adalyn from that trip and I will post them below. We had to take Adalyn to the doctor last week because she was running 102 fever. That was no fun. After less than 48 hours, the fever went away! At the doc, they weighed her and she was a WHOPPING 18lbs 6 oz! She's huge! : ) She began crawling around 10 1/2 months, and is now going from room to room to room to room....hopefully, I can finally lose the rest of my baby weight from chasing her! She is now trying to say uh-oh and dances with every song that comes on in her presence. I will try and get a video of that soon to post! She can show us that she is 1, well, she will be in three weeks! We are having a baby costume party on Halloween! HOW FUN! She still thinks her Lolee is stinkin hilarious and we love it! I am making this short because I will be posting more after her 1st birthday!