Friday, April 24, 2009

So Blessed....

I have been keeping up with Stellan on He was born on the same day as my Ady Love and has a heart condition. All of this hits so close to home. My sister died from a heart condition when she was 4. I have seen what my mom has had to go through with a sick child and I can sympathize with McKmama (Stellan's mommy). I read on her blog and twitter every day, waiting for updates on his condition. It goes in and out of being good and bad.....I have never prayed so much in my life or cried so much for someone that I don't know. I have even been depressed over this.... Josiah has been concerned that reading this blog is taking away my joy for my own child....and with that, I have to say "I am SO BLESSED! Thank you Lord for your many blessings."

I do have to say that yesterday I was thinking about Stellan and reading more of his blog. Yesterday was hard! He is in a hospital bed, asleep most of the time, and he is witnessing to more people than I am. I am awake and can leave my house whenever I want and I am around non-believers all the time!!! I should be doing everything I can to win people over to the Kingdom! "Lord, I want to be bold! I want to focus my mind and my heart on You! Draw me close."

Here are a few cute pics of my Amazing Blessing!!!!

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