Sunday, June 7, 2009

Adalyn Love, 7 months

Adalyn Love had her 7 month (6 month) checkup on Friday! Here are the stats!!

weight...16lbs 4oz 30%
length....24 3/4 inches 5%

The nurse practitioner loved her chubby thighs..I think Adalyn appreciated that. ha! Ady seemed to do much better with the female nurse than with her male doctor. Lately, we have noticed that any man with a deep voice scares her!! Sorry Shaun and Justin! She is still not eating a ton of solids, but the nurse thinks she will come around to them in the next month or so. The nurse wants us to give her meat before her next appointment....EEK! MEAT?!!? Baby food meats look terrible! Ady is really enjoying her toys more...she likes to sit up with all of them displayed in front of her....she also thinks the dogs are toys too! I haven't decided who likes playing with the toys more....Ady or her Daddy?! Notice the pics below?!

Her first tooth is still working it's way up! It's out, just not all the way up! Not much to blog about right now...but here are her most recent pics!

We love you little Love!!!


Dylan and Christina said...

She is just too precious!! And wow - does time fly! Before you know it, you'll be planning her first birthday party!! :)

Matthew Carter said...

She just gets more and more adorable! Don't worry about the meat...if she doesn't like it, disguise it with a little fruit! Worked every time with 3 out of 4 of our boys! :-)

Kara Clayton said...

So, funny thing, the comment above is from me...but obviously I am not Matthew Carter...that is Chris' base player and I did not realize that he was logged in on my computer so have a comment from some guy you don't even know who doesn't even have kids giving you advice on how to feed them! :-)