Saturday, August 8, 2009

Adalyn Love, 9 months

I know it's been a really long time.......but Adalyn is now 9 months old! WOW! Can't believe this! I will post more pics and some stats later, but I wanted to show everyone this video. This is at The Twisted Root and she is laughing at her Lolee (grandma)! SO CUTE!!!


Dylan and Christina said...

Don't you just love this little giggles?? I remember thinking, wow, this is the best sound in the world! :) P.S. Madison was just watching with me and giggled right along with her!

Rach said...

So cute!!! Are you at the one in Roanoke? Derek loves that place!!! She is getting so big! I miss her and you!!!

Punkerella said...

she's got just the cutest little baby doll smile. :) love those little giggles!